Biketopia is a community space, and we welcome people from diverse backgrounds and with different levels of bicycle expertise. As volunteers, we strive to create a brave and welcoming space for you to learn about your bicycle with our guidance. If you are a seasoned mechanic, we are here to provide the tools and parts you need. We work hard to create a space that feels comfortable for people of all backgrounds. Biketopia does not currently have special hours for women and trans individuals, but we hope to offer those spaces in the future when we have the capacity.

Hiro Matsuo: Director, lead mechanic, and music production professional

Diana Lieu: Mechanic and public health professional

Lauren Bergenholtz: Mechanic and UC Berkeley graduate student

Jared May: Mechanic and human being

Teddy Prompichai: Mechanic and photographer

Isaac Pasternack: Mechanic and fourth grade teacher

Jesse Olsen: Mechanic and fishery

Elliot Freeman: Mechanic and brand manager

Sean Lerner: Mechanic and software engineer

Jourdan Sales: Mechanic, outreach, and nanny

Amity Gregg: Mechanic

Grace Lunardi: Mechanic

Lola: Loyal shop dog

While we have a tight knit crew, from time to time we are ready to bring on a new member of our all-volunteer team.  If you are interested in joining us, send an e-mail to with a little bit about yourself, why you're interested and what shifts you'd be able to come in for each week.

Thanks for your interest!