Like what we are doing? Want to pitch in and help out? Here's how.

1. Donate used bikes, parts and tools

If you got an extra bike lying around collecting dust and taking up valuable space then bring it on down to the shop. We will take it off your hands, refurbish it and get it to someone who needs a bike! The same goes with any extra parts you've got. You never know if that one thing you are never gonna use is all that someone else needs to get back on their bicycle.


We understand that you are busy but want to help people get back to riding their bikes. We have the solution. Click on the Donate Now  button just below this paragraph and put your money where your heart is. Every dollar we receive goes to helping us fulfill our mission.


Donate Now

3. Come in and volunteer

While we are a tight knit crew, we are often on the lookout for another volunteer to join our ranks. If you know how to turn a wrench, are mechanically inclined, good with people and are willing to commit one evening a week then drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.  


4. Share the news

This one is the easiest. Word of mouth, yelp reviews, Facebook likes and shares all help. Talk to other cyclist and non-cyclists alike. Tell everyone about what we are doing at Biketopia and together we can build a strong community centered around bicycles.